September 21-25 is Fall Prevention Awareness Week

1 in 4 older adults fall each year in the United States. Falls are not a normal part of aging and there are things you do to reduce the risk of falling in your home.

Enabled Living is here to empower you for a lifetime to overcome barriers in the home that impact safety, accessibility, or function. Our team of occupational therapists specialize in evaluating and modifying your environment to improve independence and promote successful aging in place. We provide cost-saving alternative solutions, adaptive equipment training, resources, and professional recommendations that best meet you and your families unique needs. Enabled Living serves clients of all ages with disabilities and special needs in the greater metro Atlanta area. Contact us today for a free 15 minute virtual consultation to determine how Enabled Living can help you!



Enabled Living was founded in 2020 by four occupational therapists with a shared vision to promote health, wellness, and function for successful aging in place across the lifespan. Our mission is to support functional independence and improve quality of life for people of all ages with disabilities or special needs to overcome challenges affecting their ability to do meaningful daily activities. Our therapists combine evidenced-based interventions with creativity and empathy to meet the needs of our clients and their family.


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Sabra Derosiers

Thanks to Enabled Living's recommendations, resources, and tools, we are able to make sure our son continues to strive with his OT services. We really cannot recommend them enough. They are the support and trust anyone should look for in a company.

Michael Hicks, Program Manager at Rebuilding Together Atlanta

Rebuilding Together Atlanta was fortunate to have Julie and Dustin involved in one of our first Safe at Home projects. The client we were working for had trouble getting up and down her stairs and, no longer able to get in her tub, had been taking sponge baths for months. Julie and Dustin were patient and respectful with the client as they explored the challenges she was facing in her home. After they did some modification work, they went over best practices with her new equipment. In a follow up survey, the client reported that she was able to shower again and that she generally felt safer in her home. We hope to see Julie and Dustin at our project sites again!

Chelsea Skeels

Our daughter Libby was unable to eat solid foods, like most infants/toddlers her age. We had worked with another OT group with little success. And then Stephanie walked into our lives. I can remember very distinctly, early on, Stephanie would randomly send me ideas for Libby throughout the weekend. She was thinking about MY daughter and on a weekend, in her free time. This blew my mind. That someone was thinking about the same thing that I was thinking about. Stephanie never ceased an opportunity to educate and train me on new strategies to keep Libby progressing. She knew parent involvement was key to Libby’s development. Libby has graduated to eating all foods of all types now and I wholeheartedly believe that it is due to Stephanie and the relationship that we built with her.

Tiffany Desrosiers Searcy

I cannot recommend Stephanie and West enough. The pair has helped educate us over the last two years to identify how to help our daughters. Our oldest was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Knowing very little about the disorder both Stephanie and West took the time to educate us, giving us countless tools, activities, and verbiage to help our daughter learn to regulate her body. Additionally, West built us an astronaut board to do at home training to work on her vestibular system. Our daughter had tubes as a baby; because of this she has always struggled with self-regulation and learning how to cope with an over active body and mind. Because of how closely we work with Stephanie with our oldest, after having our second she quickly identified that our baby was lip and tongue tied. We immediately saw an ENT to address the issue. Since then Stephanie has advised us on different ways to help our 6 month old strengthen her tongue to increase successful feeding habits and to help prevent long term issues with speech. Their endless knowledge and support about pediatric care is why I highly recommend their services through Enabled Living!



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