Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment are specialty devices used by people during daily activities to improve their independence and/or quality of life. These devices can be purchased off-the-shelf or custom made, but the type of equipment someone needs varies depending on their ability and the task they are doing. Occupational therapists are uniquely trained to examine a person to determine where adaptive equipment can be implemented in their daily life to improve safety, function, and accessibility. Enabled Living’s therapists can provide you and your family with resources and recommend the appropriate equipment for children and adults of all ages with special needs. From grab bars and handrails to keep older adults safe at home, to swings and vestibular boards to help children with specific sensory needs, Enabled Living installs various types of adaptive equipment in the home. Our therapists provide client and caregiver training with any installed equipment to ensure safe and accurate operation. Our team of experienced craftsmen can also design and build custom adaptive equipment, or modify off-the-shelf products, to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Grab Bar and Hand Rail

Enabled Living installs grab bars and hand rails to provide support for people with gait or balance deficits in the home. Grab bars and hand rails installed in certain areas of the home, such as bathrooms and stairways can help reduce the risk of falling.


Feeding Chairs &
Adapted Seating

Enabled Living builds custom feeding chairs for children with challenges at mealtime. We also modify existing seats to accommodate the unique needs of our clients. Each seat is custom made and ergonomically designed to support proper posture.

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Custom Adapted
Toys & Products

In a world of mass production, little consideration is paid to those with special needs. Enabled Living adapts off-the-shelf toys and products to accommodate each of our client's unique situation. Contact us to discuss your needs with out team.

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Visual Communication Systems

Visual communication systems provide an alternative way of communicating using pictures. Visual communication systems can benefit people of all ages who have challenges with receptive and/or expressive communication.



Vestibular boards are used to improve balance, coordination, body awareness, and regulation. Enabled Living's vestibular boards are custom made with easy to clean vinyl, and are available in several sizes to accommodate children as they grow.

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Swings & Suspended Equipment

There are several types of swings that target specific areas of the vestibular system and each swing application is dependent on the child's vestibular system function. Enabled Living installs swings in residential homes and commercial spaces.


Medical Equipment Installation

Durable medical equipment (DME) are devices that help people safely perform daily activities in the home. Enabled Living recommends the appropriate equipment based on the client's needs, and provides training to ensure it is used properly.


Climbing Structures &
Rock Walls

Climbing is a great way for children to play and exercise, but Enabled Living's climbing structures and rock walls also help develop motor planning, visual processing, and coordination skills necessary to perform everyday tasks.