Enabled Living brings the therapy clinic to you! Each of our comprehensive assessments are performed by a licensed occupational therapist in the comfort and privacy of your home. We provide letters of medical necessity and super bills, which can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement of our services. Enabled Living is also a certified Medicare provider! Learn more about the different assessments we offer below and contact us to schedule a free virtual consultation to discuss your needs with our therapists.

Pediatric Sensory Assessment


Our pediatric sensory assessment examines a child's sensory system to establish a baseline understanding of the child's sensory functions. Our therapists work closely with the family throughout the evaluation process as we use standardized assessments and clinical observations to identify any developmental delays or deficits that may exist. Once the assessment is complete, we provide specific recommendations based on the family's goals, as well as the child's strengths, weaknesses, and functional ability to address any identified problem areas. The recommendations support the child in building meaningful relationships within their family, which can then be transferred into other areas of life, such as activities of daily living, life skills, and community integration. Recommendations may include custom sensory diets and equipment, parent education and training, or adaptive equipment depending on the child's needs.

Home Safety Assessment


Our home safety assessment examines how a person performs daily tasks to identify challenges that impact their functional ability, safety, or accessibility in the home. Our therapists guide the client and their family through the evaluation process as we look at several personal and environmental factors in and around the home. The evaluation includes a comprehensive clinical assessment, which involves a review of the client's medical history, standardized testing, and observations of the client performing various routine activities to identify any functional deficits or safety risks. The assessment also includes a walk through of the home to examine the physical environment for safety hazards, accessibility challenges, or functional barriers. Once the evaluation is complete, our therapists provide specific recommendations to address any identified problem areas. A home safety assessment is recommended for older adults with a history of falls or adults with an illness/injury, disability, or medical condition that impacts safety or independence in the home.

Aging In Place Assessment

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Our living in place assessment is performed by our Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), who specializes in examining a home to determine ways in which it can be modified to improve accessibility, quality of life, and ease of use for the client and to remain in their home and community as they age. The assessment includes an interview with the client to understand their unique needs, as well as a walk through of the home to discuss areas of improvement. Once the assessment is complete, our therapist will provide specific recommendations for equipment or modifications to the space that are practical and easy to use by anyone, regardless of their age, size, or ability. We also assist the client with the coordination and implementation of any recommended products or modifications and provide caregiver training when necessary.