COVID-19 Policy

Enabled Living serves vulnerable clients (children, older adults, and individuals with health conditions); therefore, we consistently take health and hygiene measures to prevent the transmission of germs and viruses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken additional measures, in accordance with CDC and Department of Public Health recommendations, to further help prevent transmission.


Enabled Living is taking precautions to serve our clients throughout these uncertain times. We will provide as much assistance as possible over through virtual consultations and no-contact installations of equipment. However, Enabled Living staff may need to enter your home to provide our services for you and your family. If a home visit is required, we can assure you that Enabled Living staff members:

  • Will notify the client as soon as possible if any staff member exhibits symptoms of COVID-19

  • Will wear a mask at all times while in a client's home

  • Will disinfectant prior to entering a client’s home

  • Will practice social distancing (at least six feet) whenever possible


Enabled Living cares about the safety of our staff and our clients. It is our clients’ responsibility to determine whether to allow visitors to their home, including Enabled Living staff members. As an additional safety precaution, Enabled Living asks that each client confirm that no members of their household are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 prior to their scheduled appointment date. It is also recommended that clients wear masks and practice social distancing with any visitor to their home. We will continue to monitor recommendations from authorities and will update our policy as needed. Thank you for trusting Enabled Living with your family's safety during this difficult time.

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Free Virtual Consultations

Enabled Living provides free virtual consultations to reduce the need for in-person contact. Virtual consultations take approximately 15-20 minutes and are performed by our licensed occupational therapists to determine the best treatment approach for you and your family.

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