What is a Sensory Gym?

A sensory gym is a space designed to help children with sensory processing difficulties by providing access to specific types of equipment that provides sensory input throughout their day in order to desensitize, modify, and develop coping skills. Sensory gyms can be installed in an entire room of unused space, such as a basement, loft, or spare room, or it can be incorporated into areas of the home that require dual purpose, such as a playroom, bedroom, or other living spaces. Enabled Living specializes in designing, building, and installing custom sensory gyms in commercial and residential settings. Our team collaborates with each client to create custom spaces that are integrated into the style of their home or clinic. Other companies often take a “one size fits all” approach to creating sensory spaces, but Enabled Living’s team of sensory specialists recognize that each client has unique sensory needs. Take a look at some of our projects and learn more about the different types of equipment below, then contact us to discuss how we can help you with your sensory space!

Our Process



All equipment and structures are built at our shop and transported to your location for installation. Once installed, our team will show you how to safely use all of the installed equipment. Our structures are also designed to be easily removed and relocated in the future if necessary.

Our team then collaborates with you to create a custom design for your project. We offer creative solutions and recommendations that meet your needs. We also give you a custom concept design to provide a better idea of how your vision will look.

Once your design is finalized, our experienced team of craftsman will begin the process of bringing your vision to reality. Each structure is hand-crafted using appropriate materials to ensure durability and child safety. We also use trusted vendors for any pre-manufactured equipment.


Each project begins with a free consultation to determine the scope and your specific needs. The virtual consultations are done with our therapists and can be scheduled at convenient times for you. We will discuss options for your space and answer any questions you might have.



Swings & Suspended Equipment

There are several types of swings that target specific areas of the vestibular system and each swing application is dependent on the child's vestibular system function. Learn how swinging improves vestibular function.



Slides target developmental, sensory, and physical skills that are essential for healthy developmental mobility. They help with core and upper limb strengthening, vestibular integration, motor planning, bilateral coordination, and body awareness.

Child on Rockwall.jpg

Climbing Structures &
Rock Walls

Climbing is a great way for children to exercise, but Enabled Living's custom rock walls also help develop motor planning, visual processing, and coordination skills necessary to perform everyday tasks.



Sensory caves provide a controlled, calming environment with custom lighting, comfortable seating, and other calming sensory input to help with regulation and arousal level. These spaces are great additions in commercial and residential gyms.

Monkey bar action shot.jpg

Monkey Bars &
Trapeze Bars

These systems provide strengthening and upper body coordination for children, as well as active proprioceptive input. They can also be customized and can include various types of attachments.


Integrated Storage Solutions

Storage for therapy equipment and medical supplies is extremely important for both residential and commercial spaces. Enabled Living can work with you to incorporate storage in a space that also integrates into your preferred style.