According to the World Health Organization, 44% of falls occur in the home, and many of these falls could be prevented with lifestyle choices and home modifications

Lifestyle Choices

Getting regular exercise, such as Tai Chi or Yoga can help develop strength and balance, which can reduce a person's risk of falls. The OTAGO Exercise Program (OEP) is an evidence based CDC adopted program that targets the core areas of fall prevention over a 6-12 month period in your home. With Enabled Living's highly trained OEP certified therapist, falls can be significantly reduced for older adults in the first 8 weeks.

Safety Assessment

A home safety assessment examines any potential hazards inside and outside a person's home that could increase their fall risk. Enabled Living provides home safety assessments as part of our comprehensive home evaluation, so contact us if you or someone you know is at risk for falling.

Home Modifications

Here are some simple, yet cost effective modifications and adaptations for the home:

  1. Remove throw rugs and install anti-slip mats in kitchens and bathrooms

  2. Install grab bars in bathrooms for support when getting in and out of the tub/shower

  3. Install handrails on both sides of steps for increased support

  4. Make sure there is adequate lighting installed by stairs, hallways, and entries

  5. Secure or remove carpet on stairs, and increase contrast on stair steps for the visually impaired

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