Pediatric Occupational Therapy at Home


Enabled Living brings the therapy clinic to you! We provide comprehensive occupational therapy services in the comfort and privacy of your home for children across North Georgia. Our licensed occupational therapists use a sensorimotor approach, which utilizes standardized assessments and clinical observations to evaluate your child’s level of function and identify any developmental delays or deficits that may exist. The evaluation allows us to better understand your child’s needs by examining their sensory system, and their performance while doing various activities of daily living (ADL). Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist will provide a plan of care based on your family’s goals, along with specific resources and recommendations to address any identified problem areas. Recommendations may include additional therapy, sensory diets, adaptive equipment, or environmental modifications to support your child’s function. The therapist will also work closely with you and your family throughout the process by providing training and education related to the treatment plan.

Custom Sensory Spaces

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Enabled Living designs custom in-home sensory spaces and playrooms for children with special needs. A sensory space is a designated area in the home where children can interact with specific types of therapeutic equipment to improve sensory function, as well as many other foundational skills such as coordination, balance, and strength. The equipment is similar to what you might see in a typical pediatric therapy clinic, such as swings, rock walls, and monkey bars, but the type of equipment used in the space depends on each child’s individual needs. Installing a sensory space in your home is also a great idea if your child is currently receiving therapy because it allows them to continue working on skills at home that are focused on in the clinic. Our team will collaborate with you and make recommendations for the space based on your family’s needs. We can also evaluate your child to determine what equipment would be most appropriate for them. Our sensory spaces are tailored to be functional for your child as they grow, while also integrating into your home’s unique style.

Home Safety Assessment


Our home safety assessment examines how a person performs daily tasks to identify challenges impacting their functional ability, safety, or accessibility in the home. Our therapists guide the client and their family through the evaluation process as we look at several personal and environmental factors in and around the home. The evaluation includes a comprehensive clinical assessment, which involves a review of the client's medical history, standardized testing, and observations of the client performing various routine activities to identify any functional deficits or safety risks. The assessment also includes a walk through of the home to examine the physical environment for safety hazards, accessibility challenges, or functional barriers. Once the evaluation is complete, our therapists provide specific recommendations to address any identified problem areas. A home safety assessment performed by an occupational therapist is recommended for older adults with a history of falls or adults with an illness/injury, disability, or medical condition that impacts safety or independence in the home.

Adaptive Equipment Installation and Training

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Adaptive equipment are specialty devices used by people during daily activities to improve their independence and/or quality of life. These devices can be purchased off-the-shelf or custom made, but the type of equipment someone needs varies depending on their ability and the task they are doing. Occupational therapists are uniquely trained to examine a person to determine where adaptive equipment can be implemented in their daily life to improve safety, function, and accessibility. Enabled Living’s therapists can provide you and your family with resources and recommend the appropriate equipment for children and adults of all ages with special needs. From grab bars and handrails to keep older adults safe at home, to swings and vestibular boards to help children with specific sensory needs, Enabled Living installs various types of adaptive equipment in the home. Our therapists provide client and caregiver training with any installed equipment to ensure safe and accurate operation. Our team of experienced craftsmen can also design and build custom adaptive equipment, or modify off-the-shelf products, to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Living In Place Consultation

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Enabled Living’s team of occupational therapists can examine your home to determine ways in which it can be modified to optimize function for you or a loved one by improving safety, accessibility, and quality of life. According to the National Aging in Place Council, more than 90% of older adults would prefer to remain in their home as the grow older, and our Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) can help you achieve that goal. The living in place consultation includes an interview to understand each client's unique needs, as well as a walk through of the home to discuss areas of improvement. We will provide specific recommendations for adaptive equipment or modifications to the space that are practical and easy to use. We also assist the client with the coordination and implementation of any recommended products or modifications and provide training with any installed equipment.