The founding members of Enabled Living are four close friends who met in 2016 while attending graduate school. Our personal and professional relationship continues to grow through a shared vision that challenges the status quo of therapy service delivery to meet the needs of all members in our community. As occupational therapists, we felt that the traditional approach to providing therapy services did not adequately address the challenges that individuals and their families face. For this reason, we sought to change the paradigm and provide holistic occupational therapy services directly to individuals in their home. Our approach is rooted in our founders unique beliefs and perspectives on service delivery within different cultures and settings by advocating for equality and removing barriers that prevent individuals from obtaining therapy services.

Dustin Abram, MSOT, OTR/L

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Dustin Abram, OTR/L received his Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Brenau University in 2018. His years of logistics and technology experience provide the

team with enormous knowledge while serving as the Chief Business Officer. Dustin has experience working with adults and older adults with a vast array of medical conditions and cognitive and physical disabilities in a variety of settings. Dustin skillfully blends a person-environment-occupation approach to treatment with his aptitude for analyzing problems from multiple angles to develop practical and effective solutions for his clients. His areas of expertise include: the proper implementation of adaptive equipment, assistive technology training, and driver rehabilitation. He is extremely passionate about helping people to overcome personal challenges to living their life to the fullest. Dustin is in the process of obtaining a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) certification in order to expand upon skilled service provision to the older adult population.

Julie Waller, MSOT, OTR/L, CBIS

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Julie Waller, OTR/L, CBIS received a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Brenau University in 2018. Julie serves as the team's Chief Administrative Officer. She is a highly skilled Certified Brain Injury Specialist and has experience working with adults and older adults with a variety of cognitive deficits. She is experienced in conducting IADL assessments, home assessments, and modifications with clients in their respective communities. Julie works within the Person-Environment-Occupation model of practice to identify a client’s functional abilities and how they are shaped by the environment in which they perform desired daily tasks. If barriers are present, she works with the client to determine well-suited, client-focused modifications or compensatory strategies that will support function and improve quality of life. Julie is currently obtaining an Executive Certificate in Home Modification (ECHM) in order to continue growing as a professional and providing current, evidence-based practice to all of Enabled Living's clientele.

West Green, MSOT, OTR/L

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West Green is a Master level Occupational Therapist and our Chief Services Officer. He has an educational background in Public Health and safety, Education, and human behaviors. West has over 12 years of experience working with children and young adults in settings such as: inpatient/outpatient settings, orthopedics, home, school, and teletherapy-based intervention. He is an Early Intervention Specialist and an Abnormal  Developmental Interventionist, ages 0-21. West practices a pragmatic sensory-motor/integration approach to behavioral modification. He heavily focuses on environmental modifications, adaptive devices, and custom therapeutic equipment as his specialty. West is highly trained and skilled in ADA compliance and safe-home  inspection, and designing and implementing home environment modifications for clients with a variety of needs and functional levels. West is Certified in The Otago Exercise Program: Falls Prevention Training by UNC Chapel Hill, DHHS, and the CDC.

Stephanie Burns, MSOT, OTR/L

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Stephanie Burns, M.S., OTR/L graduated from Brenau University with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Stephanie serves as the team's Chief Communications Officer. Stephanie has over 10 years of experience working with children on the autism spectrum, ADHD, sensory processing, dyslexia, and other developmental conditions. Stephanie utilizes the S.O.S approach to feeding to treat ARFID and other feeding disorders. Stephanie is certified with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA). She is a certified Early Intervention Specialist to clients with disabilities ages 0-21+. Stephanie utilizes a neurosensorimotor approach (how the nervous system affects development and function) to intervention and home-based recommendations. Stephanie provides a unique perspective to home interventions as her 4-year–old-son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Stephanie's family training in therapeutic interventions is the key to her success as she works closely with her families to increase quality of life for children.

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