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Contact Enabled Living for a free consultation, or click schedule an appointment and one of our occupational therapists will contact you to schedule a brief virtual meeting to determine you and your families needs..


The comprehensive evaluation is scheduled based on the needs of you and your family and will take place in the convenience of your home. The evaluation examines your child’s level of function in many of the following areas: sensory system function, self care, time management, cooking, home management, technology skills, health and safety, money management, self-determination, and social and community skills.


Once the evaluation is complete, our therapists will provide you with specific resources and recommendations based on your family’s goals. We provide family training and education, sensory diets, and custom therapeutic equipment. We also implement environmental modifications and adaptations to improve safety, function, and quality of life, which may alter the layout or structure of the home.


Our therapists will provide training with any recommended adaptive equipment and collaborate with you on any home modifications to ensure proper installation. Enabled Living will manage licensed contractors for larger home modifications, and we will regularly follow-up with you to ensure your family's long-term goals are being met.


Enabled Living is comprised of four licensed occupational therapists with unique specializations for clients of all ages. Our therapists use a collaborative team approach for evaluations and consultations, at no additional cost, to provide the most efficient and comprehensive services for our clients.

Meet our Pediatric Team

Stephanie and West are Enabled Living's pediatric specialists. They have experience working closely with families to develop practical solutions for their unique challenges. They specialize in sensory integration and use the bio-mechanical and developmental frameworks to determine appropriate environmental modifications.

A sensory assessment examines your child's sensory system to determine if deficits exist. Our therapists evaluate the child's sensory functions using standardized assessments and then develop a custom sensory diet based on the child's strengths, weaknesses, and functional ability. A sensory diet is a series of sensory-based activities implemented within the child’s daily routines to assist with attention, arousal level, and behavior to optimize function.


Custom therapy equipment can also be implemented to assist with your child's sensory needs, such as:

  • Vestibular boards

  • Rock walls

  • High chairs / Adaptive mealtime chairs

  • Visual communication system applications

  • Swings and suspended equipment

  • Sensory gyms


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