Complimentary Virtual Consultation


Enabled Living provides a free virtual consultation for anyone interested in learning more about our services and how we might help you and your family. The consultation is performed by our licensed occupational therapists to learn more about your needs and determine the best treatment approach. The consultation also provides you with an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss personal information from the privacy of your home. Virtual consultations are a safe and easy alternative to traditional office visits because they reduce the need for in-person contact and can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you, such as nights and weekends. The virtual consultation takes approximately 20 minutes, so contact Enabled Living today to schedule yours!

In-Home Occupational Therapy Evaluation


Enabled Living brings the therapy clinic to you! Our licensed therapists perform a comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation in the comfort and privacy of your home. The evaluation is meant to examine your child’s level of function based on their individual needs, including their sensory system performance, self care, time management, cooking, home management, technology skills, health and safety, money management, self-determination, and social skills. Once the evaluation is complete, specific resources and recommendations will be provided based on your family’s goals. Our therapist will also provide family training and education related to sensory diets and custom therapeutic equipment to improve your child’s function.

Custom Sensory Equipment &
Adaptive Product Solutions

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Enabled Living designs and manufactures custom therapeutic equipment for home and commercial applications. Our products are individually designed and hand crafted by our licensed occupational therapists to meet the unique needs of our clients. Enabled Living also modifies off-the-shelf toys, products, and furniture to improve safety, function, and quality of life for our clients. Our team installs off-the-shelf sensory products and adaptive equipment, as well as our custom made equipment.

Custom Sensory Gyms for Residential & Commercial Applications

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A sensory gym or room is a space designed to help a child with sensory processing difficulties. A sensory gym allows a child more access to desensitizing, modifying, and developing coping skills throughout their day and within their homes. These spaces can be an entire room of unused space (basement, loft, spare room), a space modified or converted (playroom, bedroom, or media room), or it can simply be a space set aside in a corner of a larger room. These specialized spaces are custom designed for each client based on their specific needs.