We conduct the assessment and provide you with comprehensive recommendations, adaptations, training, and client-prioritized modifications and resources. During the assessment we will be looking at your child’s current level of function in the following areas (applicable to your child): sensory system function, self care, time management, cooking, home management, technology skills, health and safety, money management, self-determination, and social and community skills.

Resources and recommendations are made based on your family’s needs. We provide additional training, education sessions, sensory diets, custom therapeutic equipment, environmental modifications and adaptations. 

Our therapists recommend environmental modifications to optimize your living space to promote safe and healthy participation in daily activities. 

Environmental modifications may include alterations to the layout and structure of the home and implementation of adaptive equipment and technology within the home. Our therapists work with you throughout the home modification process to ensure proper installation and provide training with any recommended adaptive equipment and oversee our preferred contractors if needed for larger modifications.  

Primitive reflex integration

Sensory integration

SOS feeding therapy (certified)

Adaptive equipment recommendations

Home/environmental adaptations

Fine motor skills

Vestibular rehabilitation  

Auditory processing

Visual processing

Play & social skill development  

Self-care / ADL/IADL

Life skill development

Attention / Self-regulation

Motor planning skills 

Collaborate closely with ABA providers 

Consult regularly with PCP, PT, SLP, PO, educators, etc.

Enabled living provides in-home occupational therapy consultations and assessments for children with disabilities and developmental difficulties. Through sensory and function-based assessments  our therapists are able to provide skilled and practical recommendations in order to improve quality of life for our clients and their families. Enabled Living provides skilled therapeutic recommendations for home sensory gyms, sensory diets, adaptive equipment, home modifications, and parent education and training in order to optimize function across all environments. These home-based therapeutic recommendations provide children with more opportunities for building meaningful relationships within their family, which can then be transferred into daily tasks, daily living routines, life skills, and meaningful community integration.  


We use a standardized assessment [Sensory Processing Measure [SPM)] in order to assess a child’s sensory processing skills, ability to learn new things, and social participation. SPM results along with skilled and experienced clinical observations will help guide therapists in making appropriate recommendations to families based on the child’s strengths and areas of need.

Assessments of the vestibular and proprioceptive systems will be conducted in order to provide therapists with a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of your child’s sensory system and sensory needs.