Vestibular Boards


The vestibular system is the sensory system located in the inner ear that contributes to a person's balance and spatial orientation. A vestibular board is a therapy tool that provides specific sensory input for the user to improve vestibular functions, such as balance, coordination, body awareness, and regulation.

Enabled Living's vestibular boards are handcrafted and covered in vinyl for easy cleaning. The boards can be custom made with fun patterned vinyl to provide a personalized touch. We also provide training with the board so parents can comfortably administer vestibular integration exercises with their child.


Vestibular board prices vary depending on the size and the type of vinyl you would like, so please contact us for pricing.

Board Sizes

XL: 52” x 28"

L: 36” x 20”

M: 24” x 16"

S: 16" x 12"